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For the adventurous, there is the option of desert tours by jeep (minimum 4 people), camels or donkeys. (Click here to see more pics)
These tours are very well guided, with special emphasis on the Biblical and archeological contexts, medicinal and useful plants of the desert, and modern issues relating to the area. Length of tours range from a few hours to a few days.

Your guide is Eyal Hirshfeld who is a native Israeli (fifth generation in Israel). He is the great-grandson of Zvi Hirshfeld; the founder of the first restored Jewish settlement in the Negev desert in 1912. Eyal is a pioneer, and is internationally known as a specialist in biblical teaching relating to the desert period.

He is gifted with the special ability to connect the ancient stories of our forefathers here, with the message of the Bible and the modern history of the State of Israel. He shows how the words of the prophets are being unveiled before our eyes. Eyal is also known for his ability to dig into the Hebrew roots of the Biblical language so as to expose the true spiritual meanings of the Bible.

He has an excellent knowledge of the Biblical archeology in the area, as well as desert fauna and flora.





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